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Silly boys and their non stop video game playing

Dear boys, I love you all, you know that don't you? You are all so funny and spazztic, I live it...but all you ever seem to he doing is playing video games. Now do not get me wrong, I myself am a video game lover. The Legend of Zelda rocks my world. Like is my hero of time and will be forever. And yes it is true, I don't quite posses the stamina which you do that enables you to play for years at a time, but I still enjoy the daily hour or two of button mashing exercises. But don't you think it's time to spend a little extra time with your dear friend Kayla? Yes, yes it's true, she is a girl. It's tragic, I know. How you ever became friends with that female I shall never understand. It is against the rules you know... The sign on the tree house says "no girls allowed"! But I do greatly appreciate your willingness to break the rules and allow me to enter into your domain freely. I understand how sacred the "man cave" is to your primitive species so I am sincerely honored. But seriously... You guys can be so boring! You sit there day after day, your eyes literally glued to the scree of whatever electronic gaming system you are possessed by at the moment, basically drooling in response to the imaginary stimulation it is producing in your thumbs. Can we pleeeaaase soooo something for once!!

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