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lamp_light1's Journal

9 February
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I'm simply a complicated person. I like pretty much all music, at least I'll give it a chance. I'll read almost anything, and one day I would love to publish a book of my poems but to do that, I have to practice and become a better writer. After one more year of school I'll have graduated with a degree in Elementry Education. I have no desire to be a teacher...I want to be a librarian. So, after I get my degree I'll be off to obtain my Masters in Library Science. And yes, you do need at least a masters to be a librarian. Most people dont think that any schooling is really needed which is something I never really understood. Librarians do tons of stuff! Awesome, complicated stuff. So yah, you need lots of school. There's alot more about myself that I could share, but I don't think that it is neccessary at this point. You probably won't even read this, and even if you do, how do you know that anything I am saying about myself is true? You don't...but all of this is true just for the record. Overall, I'm just a girl who goes to school and works at the public library, that loves to read and write, who can't live without music, who can't live without her God, who loves all her friends, and has an amazing family. And underneath all of these simple, almost generic facts, I am so much more.